"Call me Andy" Andy Warhol
"I don't wanna talk about it" Rod Steward
"Open your eyes" Gudrun Liemberger (SheSays)
"I'm not moving" 80's Pil Collins's
"KL" Karl Lagerfeld
"Bono 3D"
Prinz Charles
Michael Stipe (REM)
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Eurocature 2015

At Eurocature 2015 Christian Stellner could reach the first place in category "Best Traditional Medium Art". [more]

"Vorbereitung auf die Entscheidungsspiele" - Marcel Koller

Anlässlich der WM - Qualifikations -Entscheidungsspiele brachte die Sportwoche eine von Stellner gestaltete Marcel... [more]


Christian Stellner has been infected more than 20 years ago with a virus, called "U2". "Rattle and Hum" - his teacher in music and English told him to watch as a home exercise - this video was his stumbling block for a live as a fan.

Bono's voice, Edge's guitar both accompanied by the rhythms of Larry and Adam are the synthesis keeping Stellner caught.

Don't wonder that these four musicians from Dublin are giving the standard of the quality of Stellners pictures: "The Soundtrack Of His Life". His most beloved models, perfect on stage, ever had to be painted perfectly - you know?