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Eurocature 2015

At Eurocature 2015 Christian Stellner could reach the first place in category "Best Traditional Medium Art". [more]

"Vorbereitung auf die Entscheidungsspiele" - Marcel Koller

Anlässlich der WM - Qualifikations -Entscheidungsspiele brachte die Sportwoche eine von Stellner gestaltete Marcel... [more]




Born on the 6th of October 1974 at Gmünd, Lower Austria.

Pencil and felt pen have been his favorite toy, since his childhood. During his Primary school time his teachers took notice of his outstanding talent of drawing and painting.

Since 1995 CS specialized in caricatures, particularly in portrait caricatures.

In 2005 he was employed by a local paper for weekly cartoons, which have become an essential part of this newspaper. The same year he had his first well frequented exhibition, "Pencilmania".

On the occasion of the "Football World Championship 2006" he created a championship star series for Austria's biggest sport magazine "Sportwoche". His Ronaldinho caricature even made it on the cover of the magazine.

In 2008 Stellner designed the anniversary edition of the series "Kunst am Bierdeckel" ("Art on beer mat") for the "Zwettler" brewery of which 3 million pieces have been published.

Stellner is a master in finding out people's mimic characteristics and he has a good feeling for details - he is a "painting investigator"...

Society, sports an music are his favorite "hunting areas" for motives in his work.